Stephen Nemeth

Stephen Nemeth exemplifies integrity, hard work, efficiency and innovative service in every detail of your real estate transaction. Stephen grew up in Knoxville and has lived in the Tri-Cities area for over 10 years.

Stephen’s extensive knowledge of the Tri-Cities residential real estate market is unparalleled. His clients have consistently sought his advice and trusted his judgment on many deals.

Stephen prides himself on giving all his clients, both individual and institutional, the most precise and up-to-date feedback on the state of the market, its trends, comparable sales and property values, giving them a realistic outlook on what they can expect to achieve in today’s market.

Stephen is a family man with a devotion to God and his beautiful wife, Helen. Traveling with his wife is a passion, and he loves hiking. Stephen currently has 3 rescue dogs: Dexter, Barley and Turbo.