David & Rachel Moody-Livingston

What has two heads, four eyes, eight limbs, and a split personality?


My husband & I take a different approach than the typical real estate team that you see.  Your real estate needs will be heard by both of us, and we can give you the effort of two people accomplishing the same tasks rather than a segmented team where you don’t know who to contact.  We can also offer our clients two professional opinions and two sets of expertise that offer a personalized experience.  Being a husband and wife team, you really get two agents for the price of one!  When you contact us, you get US—and I mean BOTH of us.  We will not pass you down the ladder to a buyer’s agent, assistant, or closing coordinator. We deal directly with our customers regarding all aspects from start to close and beyond! 

My husband & I are married to real estate—and I mean that literally! I have been a Realtor for over 11 years and my husband, David, decided that to spend time with me he would have to join me! We have both fallen in love with Real Estate and it has become a large part of our lives.  We focus 100% customer satisfaction whereas most teams will focus on the number of closed transactions.  We take pride in meeting your real estate needs and leaving you feeling good about your decisions so your customer satisfaction will always come first.  We want you to know we measure our success not by the number of closed transactions, but by of the number of satisfied clients we have. We believe that goal we have set is reflected in the reviews our prior clients have written.  Take a look at our reviews below and contact us if you have any questions! 

Which is better for you?

With the average team, you supposedly get the services of several individuals, each a “specialist” in their given area.  The truth of the matter is, the “Team leader(s)” is always on the hunt for the next transaction – they have got all of that overhead to pay and you are just a “number” to get that done.   Once you commit to them, they will hand you off to various licensed or non-licensed assistants so they can hurry out to find the next transaction.  We are not your average team we are hands on from day one and you communicate only with a us…that right no buyers agent, no closing coordinators, no assistants…just YOUR agent.



We do more than just put a sign in your yard…Whether you are just exploring selling your home, or if you tried and failed, this can be a terribly frustrating experience. We have an AGGRESSIVE Marketing Strategy in place to be successful selling your property.


First Time Buyers are a blast to work with! They are so excited to be buying their first home. We love being able to really make a difference in their lives and I love their energy and excitement!  We will hold your hand and walk you through the entire process so that you understand and feel confident and comfortable in the decisions you are making. 

We are Highly Experienced working with out-of-state, out-of-town, and relocation companies. Since 2005, we have helped hundreds of buyers with their home purchases. A high percentage of these buyers made a long distance purchase requiring assistance from start to finish. We know out-of-state buyers require a bit more information about the area and housing markets. They also need someone who can give them 100% honest and accurate information as well as guide them through the home purchase process here in Northeast TN. We work extremely hard to meet these high expectations in order to give our clients the best overall experience.