Grant Kerley

“My passion is not in Real Estate alone, I love it, but it’s not my passion. My passion is people! I love to interact with people, negotiate with people, bring people together and create relationships with people! This is what I’m good at! Real Estate allows me to do these things every day and that’s why I love it! I’ve been in this business of Real Estate for about three years and when I arrived on the scene, I brought with me many skill sets that give me a great advantage in this industry. I am a professional real estate and architectural photographer, graphic designer and cinematographer! Having a passion for people, the vantage point of an artist and a thriving love for Real Estate combined is allowing me to be very successful, very quickly! My drive every single day is to do what I do best and raise the bar continuously! Selling your home is big deal! Buying a new home is equally a big deal! I’m here to raise the standards that you can expect from a professional agent and leave you with confidence to look nowhere else in the future for all of your Real Estate needs.”